I made an all inclusive children’s book about pirates, that features diversity in gender, sexuality and ethnicity. It is going to be a fairytale love story between the coolest pirate captain ever and a sea goddess.

I have detailed the entire creation process within these three subtopics.

Oak Moon Games Banner

I was asked to draw the new social media banner for Oak Moon Games. Oak Moon Games is a fantastic indie game company focusing on promoting women in gaming industry and strong female representation in games. This is a cause that is very close to my heart so I was thrilled to be able to create a banner representing all different women, playing/creating all different games. Thank you to Alice Winter for approaching me with this task.

You can find Oak Moon Games on
The banner I created can be seen on Facebook and their other social media.


Music Video: Patroniser

I was approached by Kal Turnbull of The Zenons, he commissioned a music video for his song "Patroniser" for his new EP.  The timeframe was short, he contacted me at the end of September and needed the video by early November. He wanted a video that felt more like a series of illustrations with some animation to break it up. I approached this project as a comics book, looking at the key parts of the story he had given me and figuring out how this could be illustrated and then afterwards looking at what parts could be animated. Then I animated and edited the video to the music, and after a couple revisions and changes that he requested I finished the project. 


Neon Japanese

 "The Capitol" mixed with those kids from across the block who thought it was "edgy" to wear matching jackets

Instructed to make a game from scratch I started drafting Ideas. The futuristic neon-japanese aesthetic is picking up speed with movies like Ghost in the Shell and Blade Runner being revamped and released. In lieu of that I wanted to utilize this aesthetic and came up with the idea of a prison break out game. Driven by puzzle solving and zany graphics. 

The story goes, a renowned street gang has finally been captured, known for everything from petty crime toembezzling. Now put in a high security prison for "special cases". Each inmate is injected with a serum that turns their skin the colour of the prison block they are situated in. Due to the vibrant skill colours, dress code is not as strictly maintained, however they all must wear the customary stripes and orange identification band. Tired of the humdrum prison life style, it is time to break out!

The game play goes something like this: 
You choose which character you want to start as, each person has a set of unique skills that will benefit you in different ways. The game starts with you getting out of your cell (in what way differs from character to character), then your mission begins. Make your way through the prison and find you gang member. As you "collect" each member you can switch between them to utilize their skills... Reunite the gang and get out of prison undetected, and collect their jackets for extra points, why? - Because matching jackets are cool. 



The viking grave robber.


Tasked with creating an "anti hero" I started drafting ideas for gangsters and minotaurs, but unsatisfied I decided to delve into my own country's history. I thought about torturers and warriors, but landed on a grave robber. I wanted to create a character who stood in contrast to the fetishized vikings of modern media. A grave robber seemed the perfect choice, for who better to grave rob than the vikings who buried themselves with theirs most precious belongings.

So I created a skinny young man named "Narve", shunned from his village. He shows a different part of the viking "image", no muscles, no double edged battle ax, and most importantly - no horns.  


My creation process relies heavily on research. The first thing I do is decide what kind of "feeling/aura" I want the character to have and what narrative effect they have or are connected to. Then I start researching, I let the research guide a lot of the visual appeal of the character. Such as color scheme, items, clothing, hairstyle, and to some extent, physique. I will of course have some preconception of what I want the character to look like, thus I tailor my research to investigate whether that would be possible in connection to the character's situation. For example, here I wanted the character to have a tattoo, but I was unsure whether or not viking actually had tattoos, so I did a lot of research, and most sources said that it was highly likely that they did, thus I started looking at what kind of tattoo and ended up with the imagery seen above, which was taken from an old Norse woodcarving. I also look at the state of the item/subject.  For the medal you see above, I wanted to give it a look which made it seem like it had been buried for hundreds of years, thus it has a very beaten and almost washed out look.

Essentially that is my creation process, and it is one of my favorite things to do. 

For a complete look at the process of creating Narve, take a look at my blog at:




4 Minutes

4 Minutes was an animation concept that I developed. The ideas based itself around people meeting and waiting for the underground. Much inspired by Samuel Beckett's "Waiting for Godot". The work would be 4 minutes long (approximately the same amount of time you would wait for the tube) People would slowly walk onto the platform and we would view their behaviour and interactions. 

Victoria Line

Jubilee Line

Central Line

Circle Line

District Line

Hammersmith and City Line

Piccadilly Line

Northern Line

Metropolitan Line

Bakerloo Line

Waterloo and City Line