Since the day I could hold a pencil, I was drawing, it might not have been good, but at least I was drawing.

I work both traditionally and digitally. My design ethos is to always push myself to create the best possible product and I enjoy the challenge of adapting to different project’s styles. But my biggest passion is character design, I love creating diverse and unique characters.

I also have a secret dream to illustrate craft beer labels.



With over 7 years of drama/theatre experience I now have the privilege to apply those skills to animation. Much like I enjoy designing character I also enjoy bringing them to life. Creating performances that help portray a character’s story and personality through animation is the perfect cross section between the age old tradition of drama and modern technology.


2nd Year Animation task. Character animation by me. Rig and objects are downloaded. 


Music video, edited and animated by me, for The Zenons' new EP  (2017)

'Patroniser' from the debut EP 'Vacant Seat' by The Zenons.
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--- Animation & editing by Thea Jacobsen. --- EP mixed/mastered by Jamie Turnbull at Juvat Studios. ---

An Eye for an Eye

First year stop motion animation from (2016) made by Thea Jacobsen, Laurence Cross and Magdalena Nuspahić.