Final Major Project


Children’s Book: The Pirate Captain and The Sea

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The Pirate Captain and The Sea

There once was a pirate captain, more fearsome than all,
a ruthless fighter, victorious in every brawl

Islanders would hide when they saw her sails
For her adventures had become wicked tales

Stories of her cruelty reached far and wide,
She had countless offers of husbands and wives
But nobody could anchor her, she was set in her ways
She was in love with the sea, married to the waves

The water splashed and flooded the deck
One night during a terrible storm
Everyone feared that the ship would wreck
The waves took on an unusual form

The crew took a step back, each had drawn their blade
But the captain was fearless and approached the maid

The captain knew there was nothing to fear
“Who are you?” she asked, “Why are you here?”
The maiden smiled, saying “Don’t you know?”
“I am the sea who you love, I have heard you say so”

“But I can’t love a person who plunders my islands and raids my ocean.
however you do have a chance to show your kindness and devotion.

  1. Help lost souls you find at sea

    2. Aid the islanders, answer their plea

    3. Give up your title-
    and you can be with me”

She vanished as quickly as she appeared.
The waves had calmed and the skies had cleared.

The captain knew she had treasure to find
But she couldn’t get the sea off of her mind

She helped lost souls she found at sea
She aided the islanders, answered their plea

Their black sails were no longer a threat
It pleased the captain, but made the crew upset

She gave away her title, treasure and power,
This made the pirate council rather sour
She didn’t mind cause her love was true
It was time for her to start anew

She returned to her crew, not many had stayed
But still they set sail not feeling dismayed
The good hearted pirates stood by her with pleasure
Their friendship was worth much more than the treasure

Once more water flooded the deck and the maiden appeared

“You have proved your devotion to me, and all the people who live by the sea”

  1. Which meant many people asked “to have her by their side”

  2. “The only love I have, is for the sea” she always replied

  3. Despite this, many wanted her as their bride.

  4. Therefore many wanted her as their bride.

  5. Therefore many wanted to be her bride

  6. She had countless offers of husbands and wives