Character Animation

With over 7 years of drama/theater experience I now have the privilege to apply those skills to animation. Much like I enjoy designing character I also enjoy bringing them to life. Creating performances that help portray a character’s story and personality through animation is the perfect cross section between the age old tradition of drama and modern technology.


Rising Realms: A Tale Untold (2019) : 3D Animation_Made in Blender_ Entire production animated in 3 weeks. See Full video here.

Framandi (2019) : 3D Animation_Rigged and animated in Maya for an Unreal video game_ Each cycle was animated and simulated in 3 days.

Busted (2018) : 3D Animation_Made in Maya. Rig and objects are downloaded_ Created in 1 week. See Full video here.

CLICKBAIT (2017) : 2D Animation_Composited in Premiere Pro and animated in Photoshop_ Animated in 2 days. See Full video here.

An Eye for an Eye (2016) : 2D Stop motion animation_Made in Dragonframe_Created in 2 weeks. See Full video here.

Patroniser (2017) : 2D Hand drawn animation_Made in Photoshop_ Freelance music video, edited and animated by me_ Created in 1 month. See Full video here.

The Pirate Captain and The Sea (2019) : Children’s Book_Made in Photoshop. Designed, written and illustrated by me as my final major project. Development including pre-production, production and printing spanned from November 2018 to May 2019. For a full account of the work please see